PhD Research on Coastal Ecosystem Services

PhD Research on Coastal Ecosystem Services
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My PhD research focused on the ecosystem services that coastal wetlands of Northwest Mexico provide at different temporal and spatial scales. More specifically, I studied three aspects of the Marismas Nacionales wetlands system, which include:

A historical analysis of the available fishery resources and fishing techniques used by local communities in Marismas Nacionales from pre-Columbian times to the present. For this, I studied archaeological literature, visited national and international archives in Mexico and Spain, and used recent literature from many disciplines.

The fisheries value of the mangroves to the local fishing communities in Marismas Nacionales. Here I developed socioeconomic surveys of the fishers and documented the ecological perspective of fishers about changes in their catches and fishing sites.

The economic importance of the mangroves for waterfowl that winter in wetlands of Northwest Mexico and migrate to the United States and Canada.


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